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What are the main parts of piston connecting rod group?
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The crank-connecting rod mechanism is composed of three parts: body group, piston-connecting rod group and crankshaft-flywheel group.

(1) Block set: cylinder block, cylinder gasket, cylinder head, crankcase and oil pan

(2) Piston connecting rod group: piston, piston ring, piston pin, connecting rod

(3) Crankshaft Flywheel Set: The crank-connecting rod mechanism of crankshaft flywheel is used to provide a combustion site, which transforms the expansion pressure of the gas acting on the top of the piston after fuel combustion into the rotating torque of the crankshaft and continuously outputs power.

(4) Turning gas pressure into crankshaft torque

(5) The reciprocating motion of the piston is changed into the rotating motion of the crankshaft.

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